Our Story

Once upon a time...

People in the hotel business got up early to shop in markets that brought together producers, merchants and consumers in a single place to do business.

The market was a place where sellers had easy access to hundreds of potential customers, and where customers could easily shop around for the products they needed, compare prices and quality, and make the best decisions.

And being a market, natural competition kept everyone on their toes, keeping standards high for all.

What motivates us? Reeconomics!

Money, time, food & materials are limited resources, which need to be managed wisely. At Reeco, we help you purchase products sustainably.

Marketplaces create win-wins for all parties. Buyers get freedom of choice, sellers get access to customers, and market forces create healthy competition that drives value and quality.

With millions of products and complex supply chains, it’s getting impossible for us humans to make informed buying decisions. At Reeco, we empower people by giving them the business insights and intelligence only possible through AI.

Two people talking about the story of Reeco

Who are we?

Reeco is the brainchild of a hotelier and a tech wizard who believe the hospitality industry needs a better way to buy & sell fast-moving products.

Together with our team of engineers and customer success associates, we’re busy building the world’s first shopping marketplace for the hospitality sector, connecting between manufacturers, distributors and buyers, in a win-win model for everyone!

Say goodbye to all those constraints holding your business back. Say hello to a smarter way to buy for and supply for the hospitality industry.

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